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Golf Course

"I was looking for commitment to top quality, timely delivery and reasonable prices - American Litho Color has delivered on all points for me. For giclees from 8x10 to 56x138, they have consistently produced top quality, on schedule. Their high-res scans deliver needle-point accuracy - at any finish size. For hassle-free production, you can't beat American Color Litho."

- HC Zachry, Gallery in the Sky

F-22 Maintainers

"As an artist working for a leading-edge technology company like Lockheed Martin it's my job to produce detailed paintings, faithfully capturing and promoting the most advanced aircraft in the world. Until American Litho Color began scanning my artwork I was never certain how it would be reproduced. Finally, due to the company's skill, expertise and diligence, I know every scan and Giclee print will mirror my painting exactly. Too bad it took me 19 years to find them."

- K. Price Randel, Lockheed Martin Aviation Artist

Girl Holding a Teacup

"American Litho Color has again and again proven to me they care about my paintings by the amount of attention they give to virtually every brush stroke I paint."

- Pati B., a Customer for Over 15 Years

Awaiting Battle

"American Litho Color has consistently delivered the highest quality capture, color correction services and digital printing of our artwork. They stand behind their work and we highly recommend them."

- Mike Windberg, Vice President of Windberg Enterprises, Inc.

Out of the Blue

"Not only does American Litho Color share my commitment to excellence, they have become trusted collaborators and publishing partners. I can count on American Litho Color to analyze every subtle nuance of an original image and have the expertise and experience to produce the best possible giclee print for our collectors."

- Linda Stinson, Buckaroo Art

Texas Spring

"Being new to the business of Giclee prints, I was very apprehensive. However, after working with the staff at American Litho Color and seeing first hand how much time and expertise they put into their work, I now have great confidence that my Giclee prints are the finest quality available on the market."

- Lynda W.

Los Caballos

Original 36" x 72"
Canvas Giclee 36" x 72"

"Being an artist, I am very critical about color separation when making art prints. American Litho Color has been in the color business for over 35 years and I feel very fortunate and confident having them scan and produce my Giclee prints on canvas because they are very conscientious and they demand the excellence that is required to produce the highest quality product."

- Ragan Gennusa, Texas State Artist 1985-86

Formula One Car

"As an automotive and motor sports illustrator, I demand accurate reproduction of my detailed work. For more than three decades American Litho Color has delivered incredible scans, color correction service and fine art prints. I attribute much of my success to the outstanding customer service and products I have consistently received from them. When it comes to quality and service, American Litho Color stands alone."

- Ralph Trimmer, Automotive Illustrator


"Not all giclees are created equally. Before teaming up with American Litho Color, I visited numerous shops online and in the malls that had very cheap 'giclees' available for sale to the public. I thought, 'This is too good to be true.' And it was. When I started my research on giclees, I learned that you essentially get what you pay for. For those that want to cut costs, they use a cheap printer and get cheap prints that will retain color/light fastness for 5 - 10 years...maybe. I found out that the low prices were due to the poor quality inks and non-archival substrates (canvas or paper) that the printers were using, not to mention that most of them don't clear coat for UV protection and scratch resistance.

Everyone that sees the prints that American Litho Color produces for me are amazed by the faithfulness to the original painting, the color intensity/vibrancy, and image clarity. All of those characteristics combined with the archival materials that American Litho utilizes gives me full confidence that my patrons will be able to enjoy their giclees for many years and be able to hand them down to future generations."

- Michelle McSpadden, NuArt - Visual Evangelization

Red Number Nine Car

Mechanic, Drive & Owner Acrylic on Canvas
Original 24" x 36"
Canvas Giclee 20" x 30"

"I enjoyed doing this painting of David Love and his Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa. A friend, he is an accomplished racer and vintage car authority. The car is one of the most famous in the U. S.

I have been very pleased with the high quality Giclee prints American Litho Color has done for us. Their attention to detail and customer service is unsurpassed."

- Bill Neale, Automotive Fine Arts Society